20 Years of Redemptorist Volunteering Ministries

20 Years of Redemptorist Volunteering Ministries

08 Sep 2022

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Recently, Dermot Kelly, Brendan Dineen, Fr. Noel Kehoe and Fr. Brian Nolan travelled to Clemens-Hofbauer House, Bonn, Germany to celebrate this anniversary together with guests & volunteers past and present from Germany and further abroad.

These volunteer projects are typically a one-year commitment and it all began with a single volunteer, Bodo Schwartz, travelling to Philadelphia in the USA 20 years go.  Since then, more than 150 young adults have travelled to and worked with Redemptorist projects in Ireland, England, Belgium, Canada, USA, Peru, Argentina, Indonesia and Thailand.

This coming September our Province in Ireland will welcome it’s 50th volunteer. Their service and witness to Clonard, Scala, Cherry Orchard, SERVE and beyond have greatly benefitted us as a province and them as young adults.

We give thanks for the leadership team in St. Clements Province, Germany who coordinate this valuable lifegiving work. We give thanks to the volunteers how have come to Ireland over the last 20 years and we look forward to continuing our partnerships into the future.



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