What We Do

An Overview of Our Work

Redemptorists are passionate about the Gospel and equally passionate about sharing the Gospel message of God’s love for all people with all sectors of society, but especially with those who live on the edges of church and society. There is a special place in our hearts for those who feel abandoned and who have difficulty in finding their way in life.

We have inherited these passions from St Alphonsus Liguori, who founded our congregation among the poor and abandoned in the mountains of Southern Italy in 1732. St Alphonsus always emphasised divine mercy and God’s will that all should be saved.

Preach the Gospel

Preaching is a foundational Redemptorist ministry and the ministry of preaching has been cherished by Redemptorists since we first began ministering in Ireland in 1851. The ministry of preaching continues to be one of our priorities and we witness to this in our parish missions and novenas, in the regular rhythm of preaching in our various churches and in our Retreat House in Esker.

Youth Ministry

Youth ministry is another priority of the Irish Redemptorists and we are one of the largest providers of ministry to young people in the country, with a dedicated youth ministry community in Cork and teams in Clonard and Esker. St Clement’s College in Limerick is one of our ministries and we publish Face Up, Ireland’s only Catholic magazine for young people.


We are also committed to using print and other media to spread the Good News of God’s love for all humanity. Redemptorist Communications, our publishing ministry, publishes Reality and Face Up and a range of pastoral and liturgical resources for parishes.


Clonard Monastery in Belfast has been at the heart of the peace process in Ireland and the community there continues to be committed to a ministry of reconciliation. Redemptorists also work in parishes and serve as chaplains in hospitals; minister to migrants and travellers; serve as counsellors and spiritual directors; teach theology and preach retreats to priests and religious, at home and abroad.


Redemptorists have worked on overseas mission since the first Irish and British Redemptorists headed for Australia in 1882. Today you will find Irish Redemptorists ministering in the Philippines, India, Brazil, Siberia, Rome and Mozambique. The mission in Mozambique is our newest venture and is a joint project of the Redemptorist Province of Dublin and the Vice-Province of Fortaleza in Brazil which was originally founded by Irish Redemptorists.