Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry

Young people have always been important for our Mission. In 1987, however, the Redemptorists identified young people a priority ministry as we believe that their experience, hopes, and challenges must be at the very heart of the church. Since then, the Irish Redemptorists and Co-workers have drawn on resources both nationally and internationally to become one of the biggest providers of youth ministry in Ireland.

The aims of Redemptorist youth ministry is summed up in our mission statement.

Inspired by Jesus Christ, we engage with young people in exploring faith and life issues, and journey with them in discovering their worth, and their potential to live life in service of others.

Taking Jesus as a model, we seek to meet young people where they are, journey with them into young adulthood, help them to discover their giftedness and offer opportunities for them to put their gifts at the service of others. Redemptorist Youth Ministry is not a single programme but a dynamic process that helps young people to articulate and integrate their faith and life commitments.

For further information on Redemptorist Youth Ministry contact Dermot Kelly, Director of Youth Ministry at