Children’s Grief Project

Children’s Grief Project

17 Sep 2014

Lidl Local Hero : Sr. Helen Culhane


In less than five years, Sister Helen Culhane’s Children’s Grief Project has helped over 600 schoolchildren and young adults who have been affected by loss through separation or divorce.

Based in Limerick City, Helen’s Children’s Grief Project is a safe haven for those who need it most, a welcome sanctuary of support where children, young adults and their families can come together to overcome the deep sense of grief that is often a factor when a family is affected by death, separation or divorce. ‘People frequently think that grief only occurs when there is a death,’ explains Helen, ‘but separation and divorce regularly result in the aftermath of living in this new world – a world where they feel a deep sense of loss, isolation and even despair.’  Lidl Local Here


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