Serve & The Redemptorists : Solidarity in Action

Serve & The Redemptorists : Solidarity in Action

01 Mar 2014

Typhoon Haiyan : Our Response February 2014

When Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines in November, the Redemptorists and SERVE who have long worked in partnership in the Philippines were quick to respond. The Redemptorist church in Tacloban was providing a vital lifeline of shelter, support and relief supplies for 3,000 people after the typhoon struck. As well as providing a place of safety and shelter, a temporary clinic was established at the Redemptorist Church where people received vital medication and vaccinations to prevent illness and disease.

Committed volunteers, members of the public and generous donors were moved into action following the Redemptorist / SERVE Emergency Appeal ‘call for support’. These donations allowed us to purchase food, clean water and essential medical supplies. It was not sustainable for families to continue living in the church as it was not suited for such needs and the sanitation facilities on the church grounds were not sufficient to cope with the number of families living there.

A ‘cash for work’ programme was put in place in which people were paid up to 500 peso a day (€8) to help with the clean-up operation. This money kick started the local economy and people began to set up stalls, selling fruits and other items that are being brought in from neighbouring islands. Click here to read further details

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