Up-to-date Information about the CRE in 2015

Up-to-date Information about the CRE in 2015

13 Feb 2015


The Conference of Redemptorists of Europe started the New Year 2015 with a few changes.

There are 15 Units in CRE now: 12 Provinces, 2 Viceprovinces, 1 Region.

12 Provinces (Rome, Naples, Madrid, Lisbon, Dublin, London, Saint Clement, Vienna-Munich, France, Warsaw, Prague, Lviv).

2 Viceprovinces (Bratislava, Michalovce). 1 Region (Region of Saint Gerard).

There is 1 Interprovincial Community in Tirana-Kamëz in Albania and 1 community dependant on General Government in Namur in Belgium.

There are 1497 Redemptorists in the CRE (13 bishops; 1267 priests; 137 brothers with perpetual vows; 6 permanent deacons; 6 temporary deacons; 14 students with perpetual vows; 51 students with temporary vows; 3 brothers with temporary vows; 19 novices). The average age in CRE is: 63,5. There are also more than 25 candidates preparing for Novitiate.

The biggest number of Fathers are in: Warsaw-315; St. Clement-175; Madrid-130; Dublin-93; Vienna-Munich-85. The biggest numbers of Brothers are in: St. Clement-26; Vienna-Munich-25; France-17; Warsaw 16 and Madrid 16. The biggest number of professed students are in: Lviv-24 and in Warsaw-22.

There are 184 communities in the CRE. We are working in 24 countries in the CRE: Albania, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Poland, Portugal, Russia (in Europe and in Asia), Scotland, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine; and in Asia: Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Iraq.

Two new Units officially started their activities in January 2015: The Province of Vienna-Munich (5500) and the Province of France (5700). The Region of Copenhagen was suppressed and the community in Copenhagen became officially a community of the Warsaw Province, while the community in Odense is now part of new Vienna-Munich Province.

Two Units decided officially about the fusion. The Province of Prague and Viceprovince of Bratislava voted for unification during their respective Chapters in January 2015.

Most of us are Roman Catholics but there are also Redemptorists of Eastern Rites: Greek Catholic, Chaldean and Maronite.





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